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The first time you handle our HX400 Series 2.0 you will be impressed by its superior build quality. From the compact ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand, to the exceptionally loud audio that enables you to communicate in the noisiest environments, this portable easily outclasses its competition.

For those requiring an entry level portable with high visibility backlit-display and a no compromise build specification, the 255 channel HX4X3 is the most cost effective solution.

Utilising the latest intelligent Lithium-Ion battery technology with battery cycle count the entry level HX400 will even alert you to imminent battery life expiration. Channel scanning and local personal attack alarm are included, with Bluetooth communications and variable point voice scrambler available as options. This low cost portable will exceed the expectations of even the most experienced radio users.

Model Numbers & Frequency Variants

Model Frequency
HX413 VHF Low 66 - 88MHz
HX423 VHF High 136 - 174MHz
HX483 UHF 400 - 470MHz