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Hand Portable Radios (PMR446)

PMR-446 is an inexpensive form of communication for either business or personal use. PMR is an abbreviation of Private Mobile Radio, whereas 446 simply indicates the band on which these license-free two way radios operate (446MHz). Such devices are commonly referred to as walkie talkies. PMR-446 was introduced in 1999 as a European alternative to the FRS (Family Radio Service), which is available in the USA. Eight 12.5kHz Channels are available for operating your PMR-446 radios on.

Why do you not need a license for PMR446 Radios?
(Short Range Business Radios)

Low power two-way radios operate on 8 UHF frequencies that have been issued for general on-site by the Ofcom. These frequencies have been allocated to a European service called PMR446 and there isn't a restriction on where you use the radios and they are programmed into the radios at time of manufacture.